Health Coaching

Successful & sustainable change requires certain things to happen in the brain. We know how to make those new connections form and stick.

By using a neuroscience model for change developed by the folks in Duke University, Integrative Medicine Dpt., we can help you identify your vision for health, your values around it, accurately access your starting point, set realistic goals and action steps to get there. Unlike most coaching, we don't tell you what to do. We know that you are the expert on you. We are the experts on the process model used most often by successful clients.

So you decide what your goal is, you decide what you will and won't actually do, when and how you'll do it. This is a patient driven program managed by a Duke IM, certified coach who will hold the neuroscience based model for change in place for you, while you insert the details that are specific to YOU. This is your plan, using Duke's Model for Change Template, managed by a Duke IM trained health coach.

"But Coach, things come up, life happens and I don't always do the things I hoped to do". Guess what? That's right, that's expected and that's part of our process model. We'll help you identify workable contingent strategies as part of your plan.

You'll reach your goal, and be in maintenance before you know it, which means you'll be living that vision of a healthy, happy you in no time flat.